'Relay crime' theft caught on camera (BBC news)


Couple of days ago, BBC made available a footage of a relay attack. It shows two men stealing a luxury car in front of the owner's house. The relay attack devices...

Stealing cars by a relay attack become even cheaper


Since ETH researchers demonstrated that cars can be stolen using relay attack in 2011, now we see that devices can cost as low as a few tens of dollars.
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New UWB regulation enables next generation PKES deployment

OFCOM:Compatibility studies have been completed in close collaboration with the...
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World. Minds Mobility 2018 - Grounding the Internet

Deeply inspiring talk on Grounding the Internet!    ...
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Pourquoi les clés sans contact de nos voitures sont toutes vulnérables?

"Les systèmes d’accès actuels dans nos automobiles reposent sur des...
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